Cookie #41

Cookie #41*

Cookie  #41* (March of 1953) stands out as a comic cover that deviates from the typical “good girl” theme, featuring a motorcycle instead. Despite this departure, I found it intriguing. Among the 55 issues published by American Comics Group, Cookie comics remain relatively inexpensive, often available for under $10 on eBay. Filled with satire and slapstick humor, these comics offer a departure from the typical teen humor books of the era. The stories feature the adventures of characters like Cookie O’Toole, girlfriend Angelpuss Witherspoon and his friends Jit and Brain, drawn in a distinctive style by artist Dan Gordon, who juggled comic gigs alongside studio animation work. Overall, Cookie comics provide entertaining and refreshing content, making them a standout among their peers from the same period.

And who could forget the misadventures of Cookie O’Toole when Angelpuss Witherspoon decided to play matchmaker, setting up Jit on a date with her attractive cousin for a double date with Cookie? It was a recipe for disaster, with more twists and turns than a baker’s dozen of freshly baked cinnamon rolls! Oh, the sweet chaos of teenage matchmaking, served with a side of laughter and a sprinkle of mischief!

Cookie #20

Cookie #20*

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