1112015fix1Circus Comics* was a “one-shot” published in winter of 1948. I ran on to it in a lot purchased to get a nice Flyn’ Jenny #2. Circus Comics might be most noted by a 2-page interior story, Riddle in the Sawdust, drawn by Frank Frazetta.

The publisher, D.S. Publishing Company, was rather obscure. They entered publishing around 1941 with a magazine of reprinted lyrics of popular songs. They took on comic books late in 1947, with short runs of titles such as Select Detective, Gangsters Can’t Win, Exposed, Payoff, Public Enemies, Underworld and Outlaws (the later two being notably violent).  By 1950, it published its final titles, comic book versions of CBS radio show “Let’s Pretend” and Borden Milk‘s Elsie the Cow.

* Sold Copy