Discover the elusive Circus Comics*, a ‘one-shot’ wonder published in the winter of 1948, unearthed unexpectedly in a lot purchased alongside the sought-after  Flyn’ Jenny #2. While its existence may be fleeting, Circus Comics* boasts a notable 2-page interior story titled ‘Riddle in the Sawdust,’ illustrated by none other than the legendary Frank Frazetta.

The publisher behind this enigmatic gem, D.S. Publishing Company, may be obscure, but its journey through the world of publishing is nothing short of fascinating. Starting around 1941 with a magazine featuring reprinted lyrics of popular songs, D.S. Publishing later ventured into the realm of comic books in late 1947. Their repertoire included short runs of titles such as Select Detective, Gangsters Can’t Win, Exposed, Payoff, Public Enemies, Underworld, and Outlaws – the latter two notorious for their notably violent content.

By 1950, D.S. Publishing bid farewell with its final titles, including comic book adaptations of the CBS radio show ‘Let’s Pretend’ and Borden Milk‘s beloved mascot, Elsie the Cow.

Step right up and witness the marvels of Circus Comics – it’s a rare gem under the big top of Golden Age treasures, sure to leave you clamoring for an encore!

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