Circus Comics #1

I’ve been on a bit of an anthropomorphic funny animal spree of late.  They have a good vibe to them, perfectly represented by this circa April 1945 handwritten note between three girlfriends found inside.

“This pledge is to guarantee the friendship of we three girls Joanne, Lucy and Mary Ann.  After reading and making the pledge you are obliged to sign it: Raise your right hand I, (name of person) agree to this pledge and promise to obey the rules and qualification of it.  If there should be any arguments or mishaps I (name of person) promise.”

Testing the limits of that good vibe was inside character Bad Badger, a sort of precursor to Bad Santa.Note the JCA art credits. That stood for Jason Comic Art studio – a group of studio artists moonlighting as art packagers. The group did all artwork throughout both of Circus Comics two issues. The comic is published by Farm Women’s Publishing Company (apparently a part of Rural Home Publishing Co.).