Like the Fred Schwab collection the Cape Cod pedigree is not a CGC recognized pedigree.  That might be because it contained under 1,000 copies or that it lacked significant key issues. However, it was also hindered by the fact the original dealer sold more than half the books to a single collector soon after purchase – limiting the collections exposure onto the national comic scene.  Perhaps, someday like with the Harold Curtis pedigree it will eventually be CGC recognized.

Acquired in 1997 by a winning bid from dealer Rick Semowich the books came from an original owner in Cape Cod, MA. There were 889 comics in the collection dating from 1945 to 1950.  While many different genres were represented there were no major runs of all issues in a series.

Cape Cod ND code

While most of the books have high quality and grade in the 8.0s, the one thing that really keeps the books from diffusing into the vast hordes all other collected comics is the distinctive Cape Cod “ND code” on the covers of most issues.