Candy was one of Quality Comics introductions into the crowded “teen-humor” market that had been ignited by the success of Archie. Quality wisely did not stray too far from the successful formula; Candy “Candace O’Connor lives in small town Hartwick, with story lines revolving her shenanigans with boyfriend Ted Dawson, pals Tina and Trish and of course, a female arch-rival in Cornelia Clyde.

Despite hiking and beach covers portraying Candy in, well let’s call it “extreme grumble mode,” issues #7* from December 1948 and #30* September 1952 actually include inside stories with a much kinder, gentler Candy.File518








Candy first appeared in Police Comics issue #37 (1944) and moved on to front her own issue three years later. The series lasted 64 issues until July 1956 – just before Quality went bankrupt and its assets were purchased by DC Comics.

The creation of Harry Frank Sahle, he worked on Candy with writer Elmer Groggin. They also produced Candy as a comic strip that was syndicated by the Chicago Times.

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