File516Buzzy #43* was published June 1952 by Detective Comics (DC).  The cover features a well done, if not fairly common “teacher crush” theme.   These types of humor titles were publisher’s response to dwindling profits from superhero titles, as superhero sales waned through the 1940’s.  Cute story inside features Jack Nicholson look-alike “Wolfie” getting outsmarted when he tries to trick Buzzy out of his money at an auction in order get a date with Susie.

8102016fix2Buzzy comics were already seven years old by this appearance, yet the comic would still last another six years.  Buzzy had been back page filler in other DC titles, and got his chance to move to the forefront with his own cast of buddies, rivals and girlfriends starting in the winter of 1944.  My copy of #11 on the right is from February 1947. In these early days the story emphasis was still around Buzzy as a “hepcat” musician in the town of Cupcake Center and the creative work was by Buzzy originator Graham Place.


Another hot for teacher cover (Georgie #28)* which I owned briefly.

* Sold Copy

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