Bugs Bunny‘s Vacation Funnies #2 (1952) is one “like new book” – perhaps the glossiest cover I’ve owned to date (almost need shades to block the reflection). My old Man used to have a copy of this book that I’d read when visiting his old room at my grandma’s house. He would have been eleven when he bought it of the rack. I would have been about same age when I read his copy.  Happy to have acquired another this nice.

The Bugs Bunny #28* is dated December 1952 and is in keeping with my new obsession for football covers. It’s actually the first “Bugs Bunny” titled comic book, as the 27 issues prior where technically part of Dell’s Four Color 1942 series.

Another lovely Bugs comic I own is Four Color Comics #88 November1945, sporting a great Bugs Bunny sci-fi spaceship cover.






* Sold copy