8102016fix3The Boy Commandos #7 motorcycle cover was done by famed Captain America creative team Jack Kirby and Joe Simon for publisher DC back in  June of 1944.

Psychologically it was likely appealing to younger readers to be able to make a contribution to the WWII efforts. If not through actual active participation in paper drives then via the imaginary world of comics. The team of Simon and Kirby tapped into this emotional connection earlier with The Young Allies for Timely (Marvel Comics) and later The Newsboy Legion for DC. Continuing to on the kids gang theme they created The Boy Commandos which had its debut in Detective Comics #64 (July, 1942).

Detective Comics #65 (July 1942). Art by Jack ...

Detective Comics #65 (July 1942). Art by Jack Kirby, Jerry Robinson and Joe Simon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Characters Alfy, Brooklyn, Andre and Jan were constructed from a mix of backgrounds  (English, French, Dutch and, yes guess where Brooklyn was from) by U.S. Army base Captain Rip Carter.  He organized them into action against the the enemy and Simon and Kirby turned Boy Commandos into one of DC’s top sellers.