Boy Comics #11

Boy Comics #11

I like this Boy Comics #11 cover published in August 1943.  With cover art by Charles Biro (signed) it also contains a letter by Charles to “Adolf” on behalf of the American fighting men as well as reference to the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese in a later story.  But back to the cover where our damsel is being harassed by Iron Jaw, with Chuck ‘Crimebuster’ Chandler and Squeeks his sidekick monkey at the rescue.

It features Chuck Chandler squaring off against his nemesis Iron Jaw – complete with damsel in arms. As star of Custer Military Academy’s
hockey team, Chuck uses his hockey uniform (along with a cape) as the basis of a crime fighting costume.  Iron Jaw is a Nazi agent, named because he has lost his jaw in a bomb attack and wears a metal replacement. Iron Jaw had killed Chuck’s famous journalist father.

Boy Comics #42

Boy Comics #42

IronJawMotorcycleBoy Comics ran 117 issues from 1942–1956.    

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