s-l1600 (1)Before there was Blondie the musician there was Blondie Boopadoop, the sultry comic strip character created by Chic Young. Blondie, a fun loving flapper girl who spent her days in dance halls, quickly assumed the role of sensible head of the Bumstead household after marriage to Dagwood, the disinherited (due to parental disapproval for marrying beneath his class) son of a wealthy industrialist.

5162016fix15162016fixStarring alongside other main characters Mr. Dithers, Herb, Tootsie, Mr. Beasley and the family dog Daisy the comic strip started on September 8, 1930 and is still running today. In addition, twenty-eight Blondie movies were made with Penny Singleton as Blondie and Arthur Lake as Dagwood (1938–1950), a radio program (1939–1950) and numerous comic books.  Issue #55 of 148 from Harvey Publications‘ Blondie Comics Monthly (1950–1965) is shown below.

In #55 above left, Blondie “turns back the clock” nineteen years in order to recount the tale of the day Dagwood proposed and Blondie’s father Mr. Boopadoop confused him for both a salesman and a robber.  I also own #66 top right (May 1954) and #36 and #38 – the “blue” covers from November 1951
January 1952 respectively.