Blonde Phantom

Blonde Phantom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blonde Phantom #18

Blonde Phantom #18

Blonde Phantom #18* was published by Marvel July 1948. The cover on the left by artist Sydney “Syd” Shores portrays the stereotypical “jealous rival” misinterpreting our blonde hero’s true intentions.

Syd, a WWII veteran, got his start in the industry working for his wife’s cousin, comic publisher Harry Chesler.  Along with Stan Lee, Syd and the Marvel team armoured the costumed crime fighter with a .45 automatic, tiny black mask, high heals and red evening dress. During the day she was “Louise Grant,” the more subdued secretary for the Mark Mason Detective Agency.

While still one of the earliest female super heroes, the Blonde Phantom‘s first appearance in 1946 was still well behind a bevy or other female crusaders introduced from 1940 to 1942.

Inside story features Louise, who is in love with Mark, getting upset that he is in love with her Blonde Phantom alter-ego, who is also the object of the unwanted affections of scientist Igantious Fowler. Igantious, gone-mad with lust, sets out to become the only man in the world.  This ignites a riot in the streets of New York as “in seconds the Blonde Phantom is surrounded by a screaming, panicky, milling mob of terrified women.”

Also inside Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner and cousin Namora chase villain “the Tattler,” who plays billiards with a henchman in one story panel.

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