BP1While two other phantoms (Phantom Lady and Blonde Phantom) get all the good girl glory, Black Phantom is busy doing her under appreciated pistol toting best out in the old west. Having begun as train robbing twin sister to the saloon dancing sweetheart of Tim Holt’s (aka Red Mask) buddy Chito, Helena (aka Black Phantom) eventually sees the error of her evil doing ways and partner’s up with Red Mask.

In this issue she is left alone to defend the town with just one rarely holstered pistol and a neck line plunging to near the belt. Our woman deputy foils the plans of not one, but three men “with notches in their guns and evil smirks on their lips” by “trading hot lead.”

With art by Frank Bolle this hidden gga gem was published by Magazine Enterprises (ME).  Boyle was a WWII veteran who worked primarily on western genre titles for ME, but he also drew several newspaper comic strips well into the late 1990’s. While only appearing once in her own issue way back in January 1954 (also known as A-1 Comics #122) Black Phantom was brought back in 1989 and then again in 2002.
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