Authentic Police Cases #2

Authentic Police Cases #2

According to the Grand Comic Database, Nick Cardy (a.k.a. Viscardi) is likely the artist for the cover of Authentic Police Cases #2. This attribution is based on the resemblance of the drawing style to that of issue #3’s cover, which bears what could be interpreted as a signature “NC” or possibly “VIS” in my opinion. While not definitive, Nick was known for embedding hidden signatures into his artwork, including variations such as NV and NC.

St. John, like many publishers of the time, demonstrated flexibility by swiftly transitioning between genres, capitalizing on the popularity of police and crime comics during this particular period. Subsequent issues #3 and #6 even attracted attention from Seduction of the Innocent. Remarkably, the series endured for thirty-eight issues before concluding its run.

Authentic Police Cases #4*

Inside Authentic Police Cases #2*, Edna’s revelation leads to a $1,000 reward and Sims’ incarceration. However, the highlight of the book is undoubtedly the “Lady Satan” story. Intriguingly, her origins trace back to 1944 when she first appeared on the cover of Bulls Eye Comics, a publication by Harry A. Chesler. This story, a clear reprint, retains its WWII theme, offering readers an exhilarating adventure as Lady Satan defies General Schultz’s firing squad, sabotages enemy aircraft, and retrieves vital intelligence for England. “Good show”!

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