America’s Best Comics #26

“Miss Masque on Motorcycle” by Alex Schomburg!

America’s Best Comics emerged in the Golden Age, a comic book series brought to life by Nedor/Better Publications. Nedor Comics, also recognized as Standard/Better/Nedor, stood among the myriad publishers shaping the Golden Age of Comics (1930s to mid-1950s). Within Nedor’s expansive lineup, the series “America’s Best Comics” featured a cast of characters that included Black Terror, Fighting Yank, Doc Strange, Pyroman, and the iconic Miss Masque.


America’s Best Comics #17*

For instance, America’s Best Comics #17* from Nedor/Better Publications, hitting the stands in March 1946, boldly presented the whole character crew, minus Miss Masque, engaging in a spirited football scrimmage on its cover!

Miss Masque, a fictional superheroine, was first drawn by artist Lin Streeter, she burst onto the scene in “Exciting Comics” #51, published by Nedor Comics in September 1946.



America’s Best Comics #17


America’s Best Comics #17




Diana Adams, the alter ego of Miss Masque, led a dual life as a socialite and district attorney. Upon donning a distinctive mask, she acquired superhuman abilities, encompassing enhanced strength and agility. Miss Masque dedicated herself to combating crime and thwarting villains in her costumed persona. True to the zeitgeist of the era, her adventures often unfolded against the backdrop of battling Nazis, gangsters, and other prevalent comic book adversaries.

The pages of Nedor Comics closed in the mid-1950s, ushering Miss Masque and fellow Nedor characters into the public domain. Subsequently, some of these characters experienced a revival, finding new life and integration into different comic book universes under the auspices of subsequent publishers.

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