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6152016fixAll New Comics #8*, published by Harvey on May 1944, is special.  Not just for its hooded fiend cover drawn by Alex Schomburg  (sometimes this issue is referred to as the “poor man’s Suspense Comics #3“) but also because it contains The Blonde Bomber!  

That name was undoubtedly taken from its reference on nose art of many WWII airplanes.  The character’s real name was perhaps even better – Honey Blake!  BB4The newsreel camera woman and part-time expert chemist ran into all types of epic war and crime adventures with her sidekick Jimmy Slapso,

The first appearance of The Blonde Bomber was in Green Hornet Comics #7 (1942).  The character was created by Barbara Hall, one of a small handful of Golden Age women comic book artists.

The Blonde Bomber appeared in:

  • Green Hornet Comics #7-10, 20-25, 27-28, 32-33
  • Green Hornet Fights Crime #34
  • All-New Comics #6-9
  • Speed Comics #43-44

Barbara Hall, who worked primarily for Harvey, is also credited with working on Black Cat and Girl Commandos.  By the late ’40’s she moved away from comics to form Quarry Hill Creative Center with her husband and would focus on painting.










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