Air Fighters Vol. 2 #2

Air Fighters Vol. 2 #2

What can be said about the cover of Air Fighters Vol. 2 #2 that you can’t already see? Well, aside from the button-popping blouse, this eyebrow-raising cover was published in November 1943 by Hillman Publications.

Front and center on the cover is Valkyrie, a striking German pilot making her inaugural appearance in this issue. Not only is she a formidable aviator, but she also leads an Air-maiden squadron, showcasing her leadership skills alongside her prowess behind the cockpit. Yet, perhaps what truly sets Valkyrie apart is her ability to charm Airboy, the protagonist, out of the secret to flying “Birdie,” Airboy’s distinctive bat-winged aircraft.

But fear not, for Valkyrie’s allegiance soon shifts to the side of good and righteousness, as she and the Air-maidens join forces with Airboy and the Allies. And through it all, Valkyrie maintains her penchant for low-cut apparel, adding a risque touch to the high-flying action.

The cover art, skillfully rendered by Japanese-American artist Fred Kida, showcases his talent as both an inker and a penciler, bringing Valkyrie and the thrilling world of Air Fighters to vivid life. Born in 1920, Kida began his career in comics during the Golden Age, contributing his artistic talents to various titles across different publishers.

As a testament to Valkyrie’s enduring appeal, she was ranked 45th in Comics Buyer’s Guide‘s “100 Sexiest Women in Comics” list.  As proclaimed by his rallying cry that accompanied his daring aerial adventures, “Let’s go, Airboy!”