Spawn of Pathor – Captain Science #6 (October 1951)

Captain Science is a lesser-known but intriguing series from the golden age of comics. Published by Youthful Magazines, its first issue hit the stands in November 1950. The series featured works by Wally Wood and Joe Orlando, both of whom would go on to have significant careers in the comics industry. My cover here is from Captain Science #6, October 1951.

Captain Science was part of the science fiction boom in comics during the early 1950s, a period when space exploration and futuristic themes captured the imagination of readers. The titular hero, Captain Science, was actually a scientist named Gordon Dane who transformed into a heroic figure fighting various space villains and alien threats. The comic combined elements of traditional superhero tales with pulp science fiction, featuring ray guns, space battles, and otherworldly creatures.

The series was known for its imaginative stories and high-quality artwork. Wally Wood, in particular, was celebrated for his detailed and dynamic art style, which would later influence his work at EC Comics and Mad Magazine. Captain Science ran for seven issues, ending in 1952, but it remains a cherished part of golden age science fiction comics for collectors and enthusiasts.

So, channel your inner space explorer and embark on a journey to confront “The Red Devils of Mars”—you never know what cosmic wonders await!

 Invisible Tyrants of Calot III - Captain Science #6 (October 1951)

Invisible Tyrants of Calot III – Captain Science #6 (October 1951)